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I currently run 39 collectible card game, miniature, and trading card trading sites (and have retired an additional 0 due to lack of interest). They are all interlinked, including registration and reference information. Once you're registered for any of them, you're registered for all of them. There are currently 481 active traders. An active trader is one with at least one trading list updated in the past 5 months (or a recent registrant). An active list is one that has been updated within the last 90 days. Games listed in green are premier games. A premier game has at least 10 active lists, and the Most Wanted feature, where you can see the 25 most wanted cards for the game.

If you would like to see a game added to this site, please see the submission guidelines. But before you put in a lot of work, check with me to see if someone else is already working on that game.

To start, go to any of the trading pages and click on Register. For information on membership levels, please see the membership page.

Game or Set Lists On line since Thanks to... for the lists
total active
7th Sea 2 2 21 April 2000 Skip Franklin, Andrew Getting
Age of Empires II 3 3 24 September 2002 François Starke
Aliens Predator 4 3 02 October 2002 Norman Short
Babylon 5 8 7 17 December 2000  
Battletech 3 3 31 May 2002 Mike McCarrig
Blood Wars 3 2 08 December 2002 Chris Chaplin
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1 1 22 January 2002 Wojciech Wisniewski
Dark Eden 2 1 31 January 2003 Mike Jeske
Doomtown 4 3 01 November 2002 Chris Chaplin
Doomtrooper 6 5 30 January 2003 Mike Jeske
Dune 4 4 02 March 2002 James Payette, Eva Bankov
Galactic Empires 5 5 25 June 2006 Jacob Skytte, Thomas Reisinger, Harry Clayton Webster II
Guardians 6 6 13 February 2002 Scott Coe
Harry Potter 3 2 28 January 2002 Time Slipper, Debbie Roche, Charles Garske
HeroClix 5 5 12 May 2002 Rob Kranson, Eric Stork, Steven Quade
HeroClix Modern Age 1 1 03 August 2010 Keith Mills
Illuminati: New World Order 18 15 13 October 2002 Helge Blohmer
James Bond 3 3 16 January 2003 Hayden-William Courtland
Jedi Knights 2 2 03 May 2001 Daniel Skowronski
Legend of the Burning Sands 4 4 14 October 2002 Scott Orlando
Legend of the Five Rings 12 7 26 December 2001 Michael Todd, Carlo Brozzo
Legend of the Five Rings Celestial Saga 18 14 25 January 2009 Carlo Brozzo, Radu Pitis
Lord of the Rings 20 17 30 October 2001 Kim Strandebø, Debbie Roche, Nicholas Honn, Scott Orlando, Radu Pitis
Marvel Dice Masters 13 11 03 May 2014 Chris Long
Middle Earth: The Wizards 10 7 12 July 2002 Helge Blohmer
Overpower 14 11 22 November 2002 Pierre Rebstock, Mark Swick
Rage 4 4 27 July 2001 Paul Di Carlo
Shadowfist 4 2 18 May 2002 Ole Hendriksen, Miguel Hidalgo-Barnes, Sean Henrickson
Spellfire 13 12 15 January 2003 Jarod Cresswell
Star Trek (Decipher) 19 17 08 May 2001 Benoit Langevin, Barry Neal
Star Trek (SkyBox) 5 5 24 August 2001 Eugene Alex
Star Trek 2nd Edition 10 7 02 January 2003 Helge Blohmer, Jan Senko, Matthew Kirk, Eric Cupers
Star Wars (Decipher) 13 12 13 March 2001 Benoit Langevin and others
Star Wars (WotC) 2 1 17 May 2002 Dave Shiers, Daniela Santos
Tomb Raider 4 3 21 December 1999  
Vampire, the Eternal Struggle 4 3 28 March 2002 Richard Kooyer, Gregory Pettigrew, Pierre Le Runigo, Marcus Mock
Vs. System 2 2 16 April 2004 Eric Wood, Vincent Minosse, Mark Liew, John Berry, Niko Vepsä
X-Files 7 7 20 July 2001 Michael J. Schwarz
X-Men 2 2 14 September 2000 Rob Driessen
Young Jedi 5 5 17 May 2001 Benoit Langevin, Michael Remenak

Retired games

The following 159 games and trading card sites have been retired from the site due to lack of interest. However, if you would like a game to be reactivated, just let me know.

A Game of ThronesAliasAlien Armies
ArcadiaAustin PowersAvatar, The Last Airbender
Axis & Allies MiniaturesAxis & Allies Naval MiniaturesBattle Cards
BattlelordsBattles in TimeBattlestar Galactica
BeybladeBlue DragonBuffy the Vampire Slayer
City of HeroesCloutConan
The CrowCall of CthulhuCyberPunk 2020
D&D MiniaturesDark AgeDark Millenium
Der Herr Der Ringe
(Lord of the Rings in German)
Dino HuntDixie
Doctor WhoDoctor Who - Monster InvasionDoomtrooper (en Français)
Dragon BoosterDragon DiceDragonball Z
DreambladeDuel MastersEagles Waterloo - 1815
Echelons of Fire/FuryEl Seńor de los Anillos
(Lord of the Rings in Spanish)
EveEye of JudgementFantasy Adventures
FastbreakFight KlubFirestorm
Football ChampionsFull-Metal AlchemistGridiron
Guildes.hack//ENEMYHarry Potter Movie Cards
Havic: The BotheringHecatombHercules/Xena
HeresyHigh Stakes DrifterHighlander
Horror ClixHorus HeresyHuntik
Hyborean GatesIl Signore Degli Anelli
(Lord of the Rings in Italian)
InitialDInuyashaJudge Dredd
Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel MastersKingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts (Japanese)
Knights of the ZodiacKultLa Légende des Cinq Anneaux
(Legend of the Five Rings in French)
The Last CrusadeLooney TunesLord of the Rings Miniatures
Lord of the Rings Online GameLord of the Rings (Chinese)MLB Showdown
MLB SportsClixMage KnightMagi-Nation
Maple StoryMarvel ReChargeMechWarrior
MegaManMonsterpocalypseMonty Python and the Holy Grail
Mortal KombatMythen & LegendenMyths and Legends
Mystical EmpireMythosNaruto
Navia DratpNBA ShowdownNeon Genesis Evangelion
O Senhor dos Anéis
(Lord of the Rings in Portuguese)
On the EdgeOphidian 2350
Pirates of the Spanish MainPokémonPortal
Quest for the GrailRace DayRacer Knights of Falconus
RiftsRocketmenSack Armies
Scooby DooSeigneur des Anneaux
(Lord of the Rings in French)
SimCityThe SimpsonsThe Simpsons Sammelkartenspiel
Smallville Trading CardsThe SpoilsSpycraft
Star Trek Trading CardsStar Wars AttacktixStar Wars Miniatures
Star Wars Pocket ModelsStar of the GuardiansStargate TCG
Stargate SG-1Star Wars Starship BattlesTank Commander
Tempest of the GodsTerminatorTorchwood
Towers in TimeUFS DarkstalkersUFS Street Fighter
Ultimate CombatWWE Raw DealWarcry
Warhammer 40KWarlordWars
Wheel of TimeWildstormsWizard in Training
Wladca Pierscieni
(Lord of the Rings in Polish)
World of WarcraftWyvern
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Yu-HakushoZatch Bell!

Who am I?

Ebony Team

I'm just a collector and game player, like yourself. I'm also known as Admiral Mahasamatman of G.A.B. - the official Internet organization dedicated to making sure all on-line trading is done fairly. I'm an Admiral, and the commanding officer of the Ebony Team. My trading references are listed here. I currently collect Babylon 5, Tomb Raider, Wheel of Time, Rifts, and Gridiron CCG cards, and run the online trading sites listed above.

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