7th Sea CCG Trading

Shutting down

It all started in 1999, when I created a Precedence-centric trading site for the Tomb Raider and Wheel of Time CCGs based on Lars Haugseth's Babylon 5 trading site. In 2000, it started to grow, and at its peak, Mahasamatman's Trading Post grew to over 200 games and close to 10,000 members with more than 20,000 trading lists. Since then, however, the CCG market has dried up, and the site is now down to 16 games, 48 active members, and 79 total trading lists. Thus, I have decided to shut down at the end of 2016. I have also stopped selling premium memberships, and have opened up the matching functions to all members.


These pages are designed to help collectors and players of the 7th Sea Collectable Card Game complete their set of cards trading with their peers. It features a wanted list and an offered list for each collector. If you find someone to trade with, you may contact them by sending them an email or by making a phone call (if they have supplied their phone number, which is optional). There are now 2 lists on this site, 1 of which has been updated in the last 90 days.


To register for this and all my other trading sites, please use the registration form to sumbit crucial information about yourself. I will try to answer the mail as soon as possible, but please be patient. All my trading sites are inter-linked, so once you've registered for one, you're registered for all of them. Once you're registered, use the Update link above.


I have never sold or given away any information on any registered members (without specific permission), nor will I ever do so. I also do what I can to try to thwart address-harvesting robots, but I don't know how successful I've been...

Policy on old lists

All lists that haven't been updated in the past 140 days are removed from the site. There are no exceptions to this rule. Any user who has not updated any lists in the past 140 days is moved to the inactive list (with one exception: if such a user has not received or left any references, he/she is removed). References are never removed. If a game goes inactive (no activity in 90 days), all lists for that game are removed at that point. If there is only a single trader for the game for an extended period of time, I reserve the right to terminate a game even if that one trader continues to refresh his or her list.


You must have cookies enabled to use the site. The cookies are only used to communicate between the editing scripts - you don't need to save them from one visit to the next, but you do need them between the time you log in until you save your changes.


On the References page, you will be able to recommend traders with whom you have traded successfully. When you view a trade list of someone who has been recommended by other traders, there will be a link to a page showing a list of this trader's references. Some people have asked why I don't have a "bad trader list". There are three reasons:

  1. I don't want people becoming vigilantes. Too often, people overreact; most cases of "bad traders" are problems in communications and can easily be solved.
  2. If there's a problem, report it to me. I look into it and remove any bad traders from the site. Since, by this definition, there are no known bad traders on the site, there's no need for a bad trader list. Rest assured that I take all complaints seriously. Be sure to include the date the trade was agreed to, whether you've tried contacting the other party, and whether or not they've responded.
  3. There are many well-maintained bad trader lists out there already.
Note that I also regularly go through people's list headers and footers and remove any references to bad traders (see reason #1).

On the match, cross-match, and list index pages, user names are now flagged with an indication of how many references they have. The stars have the following meanings:

# references none 1-5 6-15 16-30 31-50 51-100 over 100
icon none

Setting up or updating your list

Go to the Update Page to add to or update your trade list.

Changing your email address, password, or other info

If you want to change your e-mail address or password, just send me mail. To prevent unauthorized changes, address and information change requests must come from your registered email address or include your current password.

Forgotten passwords

If you forgot your password, I don't keep unencrypted passwords, so I can't send you your old one - you have to give me a new one. To prevent unauthorized changes, password change requests must come from your registered email address or include your current password.

Matching lists

Please check out the Match Engine and the Cross-Match Engine. If you have supplied your own trade list, it will match your list of offered cards against everybody else's lists of wanted cards (within the same game for the match engine and across games for the cross-match engine), and vice versa. It will then output a list of suggested trading partners, based on how well your lists match. Clicking on the trader's e-mail address will compose a trading proposal (which you can edit before sending). If you only trade a single game, you're better off using the standard match function (for performance reasons).

Searching for cards

Take a look at the Search Engine if you want to find out who's offering or looking for certain cards.

Index of Lists

Follow this link to view the List of Traders. Here you will see an index of all traders who have supplied their lists, which country they come from, and when their lists were last updated. Times are given in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) .

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